Blockyz is an innovative financial & technology investment company
focusing in the US securities market
Our securities products include: ABS, MBS, CMBS, CDO, CMO
the tokenization process is an innovative step in the life of securities, creating the idel investment product to all parties involved

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Shaping the future

Why We Are The Best

Blockyz’s vision is to create an ecosystem, integration investment products, securitization process and tokenization for buying and trading digital assets representing APY in tokenized ABSs, bonds, stocks, and other ownership rights.


But we’re not just a financial institution – we’re a partner who is dedicated to your success. Our team of experienced business advisers will work with you to understand your unique business needs and develop a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals.

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three steps to success

Our 3 Steps structure insure our partners and investors the best suited produces


purchase & create Debt products

Debt products such as mortgages & loans, can be very lucrative and stable all at once. 



Our securitization process  structures & pools together debt products and repackage them into interest-bearing securities.



Tokenization transform the traditional  securities into new and improve investment products. Accessible, secured, and liquid.

Blockyz is a company that integrates the traditional investment industry with blockchain technology, in order to create a secure, intuitive, and accessible investment products over the blockchain.

imagine the future

Think of a world where stock exchanges will allow trading in digital assets, representing stocks, bonds, and other ownership rights. The holding of these assets will not be carried out in securities accounts, as we know today, but through advanced application means, such as digital wallets, so that any change in holdings will be reflected in the holders in real-time in their electronic wallets, without the need to transfer the information to them. Similar to all those unsupervised exchanges operating today, which by virtue of being unsupervised are also the most dangerous.

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