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Blockyz’s vision is to create an ecosystem for buying and trading digital assets representing APY in the form of tokenized ABSs, bonds ,stocks, and other ownership rights.

Both private investors and financial institutions can participate and invest on our
innovative and secured blockchained marketplace.

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Our mission is to offer the investment industry transparent, secure and profitable products, starting with US mortgage market opportunities. At the first stage we will acquire mortgages bundles in the US market, structure them into custom ABSs, use blockchain technology to create tABS (tokenized ABS) and offer them in our marketplace for world wide investors.

There is no doubt that in the coming years the world’s exchanges will undergo a revolutionary process of securities tokenization, and this is in light of the significant advantages inherent in trading in digital assets, processes that will advance the world of securities trading towards the new world.

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Smart Contract

The technological characteristics of the digital assets will enable an encrypted connection between the asset and its owner, in a way that will entitle him to the rights accompanying the security, such as interest and dividends

These innovative processes will save time, reduce the need for brokers and collateral and thus significantly reduce costs for investors and make trading in securities more accessible, cheaper, and friendlier than ever before.

A securities transaction using innovative technology produces a “smart contract”, in which a buyer and a seller undertake to transfer to each other, respectively, money and securities in their possession, in the format of a digital token. With the conclusion of the transaction, the smart contract enables the acknowledgment of the validity of the transaction, the presence of the digital tokens in the possession of the buyer and the seller, and given that all conditions have been met – transfers of the money tokens to the seller and the security tokens to the buyer, simultaneously and in full synchronization. If one of the conditions in the contract is not met – the tokens remain in the possession of their owners and no settlement is made.

Our solution starts with the US mortgage market, by utilizing our advanced vehicles and instruments together with multiple integrations, we are able construct new ABS products and create tokenized asset-backed security (tABS) a new investment product, a stablecoin that generates APY directly into the investors’ private wallets.

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